A total of 3 lecturers of UMSU Faculty of Medical presented seminar on decentralization research result from Beginner Lecturer (PDP) research skill in UMSU Postgraduate Building on February 21, 2017. Presentation of result seminar opened by Rector UMSU who represented by UMSU Vice Rector Dr Muhammad Arifin Gultom, SH, M. Hum .

The event was attended by Chairman of the Institute for Research and Community Services (LPPM) UMSU Dr. Muhammad Said Siregar, MSi, Secretary T Riza Zarzani, M.Hum, National Reviewer DIKTI Badaruddin and Reviewer UMSU Sulhati.


WR 1 UMSU said that currently UMSU has reached the main cluster in the field of research, so the future performance must be improved in order to absorb the Dikti fund. The future target, must reach independent cluster. “I ask that UMSU lecturers continue to improve performance in order to absorb research funds from DIKTI. Maintain cluster level, but the future is targeted to reach independent cluster level, “he said.

To support future cluster hikes UMSU will implement research-based teaching and learning process. Research-based education in which the method of education in which students become the main center of teaching and learning process, the process of getting knowledge, students are active and not passive to receive knowledge from lecturers. Lecturers are facilitators of the learning process not as a source of knowledge, and students are actively inquiring, discussing the literature review, expressing opinions through presentations.

While the characteristics of lecturers for research-based education are explained, ie open minded, open-minded, egalitarian, regardless of themselves as smart and understandable in the classroom, able to guide students exploring topics in an interesting way, always providing data / teaching materials and latest research results to students , and able to maintain a healthy academic atmosphere in the classroom and campus area.

Chairman of LPPM UMSU, Dr. Muhammad Said Siregar, M.Si presented 3 lecturers of UMSU Medical Faculty who will present the seminar on decentralization result:

  1. Dr. Huminaah Medina Liza Lubis, M.Ked. (PA), Sp.PA with the title Potensi Ekstrak Buah Legundi (Vitex trifolia) sebagai Penghambat  Pembelahan dan Pertumbuhan Sel Tumor Kulit pada Tikus Putih yang Diinduksi Benzoalphapyrene. (Legendi Legume Fruit Extract (Vitex trifolia) as Inhibition of Splitting and Growth of Skin Tumor Cells in Benzoalphapyrene Induced White Rat).
  2. Dr. Siti Masliana, Sp.THT-KL with the title Diagnosis Cepat (Rapid Diagnosis) dengan Menggunakan Tes Sederhana dari Sekret Hidung pada Penderita Risonisusitis Bakteri (Rapid Diagnosis (Rapid Diagnosis) by Using Simple Test of Nose Secrets on Bacterial Risonisusitis Patients).
  3. Emni Purwoningsih, S.Pd., M.Kes with the title Efektifitas Antioksidan Ekstrak Buah Kari (Muraya Kkoenigi) terhadap Sel-B Pankreas Tikus Putih yang Diinduksi Steptozotosin  (Effectiveness of Antioxidant Fruit Curry Extract (Muraya Kkoenigi) against B-Step Pancreatic White Cells Steptozotosin-induced).





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