Community Based Medicine.

FK UMSU has a Family Pledged Health Program which is a learning activity which based on community and it will be integrated into curriculum modules. Activities are carried out continuously from semester 2 to semester 6 in FK UMSU assisted village environment. The PKBK activity is continued with the activity of Real Work Lecture (KKN) in semester 7. Through this activity the students are able to recognize health problems in the community and able to handle the problem. Students will go directly to the field with the guidance of lecturers and adjust the task according to the learning objectives in each running module.

Islamic Doctor

Through the FK memorizing program, it is expected that the graduates of Islamic doctor are in accordance with the Standard Character and Competence of Doctor Muhammadiyah (SKKDM). FK Memorizing Program is an activity to memorize the 30 Juz at Al Qur’an and lecture dinul Islam that is done every semester. Students are required to give their ┬ámemorization of Al-Qur’an and lectures in small groups or in FK UMSU mosque with facilitation by supervisor. The program was held twice every block, the first meeting consisted of the guidance of reading Al-Qur’an and the second meeting consisted of the recitation of Al’Qur’an and the lectures of Islam. In addition, this activity also aims to motivate students to do golden habbit nine so that Islamic behavior is formed in accordance with the Standard Character and Competence of Doctors Muhammadiyah (SKKDM).