Deli Serdang General Hospital


Deli Serdang Class General Hospital Class B is located in Lubuk Pakam City, Capital of Deli Serdang Regency. From the Capital of the Province of North Sumatra (Medan) only ± 29 KM distance with a distance of 30 minutes has many advantages:

  • Comfortable place and ASRI (Beautiful and Neat Comfortable)
  • Safe from various disorders social safety
  • Available mini market and canteen to meet the needs of patients, family, guests, etc.
  • 24 Hours Complementary Pharmacy Service
  • Worship place for Moslems (Mushola)
  • It is the nearest hospital to Kualanamu International Airport (+ 10 Km)
  • Easy access to get in and out transportation (city bus, public transportation and Pedi cap) both within and outside the city and to the capital of the province
  • Close to other public service infrastructure (Market, Super market etc)
  • Total Area: + 3.2 Ha
  • Building Floor Area: ± 14,698 M²
  • Bedding Capacity: 212 TT

Currently Deli Serdang General Hospital is the only General Hospital owned by the Government of Deli Serdang Regency, is a Service Referral Center with Class B Non-Education status under the Decree of the Minister of Health of the Republic of Indonesia No. 405 / MENKES / SK / IV / 2008 dated 25 April 2008 and has achieved Full Accreditation of 16 Services in 2011.

In carrying out Duties and Functions, Deli Serdang led by a Director. Has 4 (four) Types of Sub Specialist, Gastro Enterology, Nephrology, Soul and Orthopedic and 16 types of specialist (Specialist: Internal, Child, Surgical, Obstetric and Gynecology, Eye, ENT, Skin an, Urology, Lung, , Orthodentia, Orthopedics, Anesthesia, Pathology, Anesthesiology), S2; MARS, MM, MIT, General Practitioner, Dentist, Pharmacist, Nursing Graduate / Ners, Radiator Designer, SKM, Bachelor of Nutrition along with other Non Medical Personnel (Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Economics, Bachelor of Agriculture, Bachelor of Information Technology, Accountant, , Bachelor of Computer) with a total of 554 employees (Government and Non Government servant).

Deli Serdang General Hospital has an effective working area in 14 sub-districts of 22 subdistricts in Deli Serdang District, with a population of about 1.85 million people, namely;

  1. Lubuk Pakam sub-district
  2. Tanjung Morawa sub-district
  3. Batang Kuis sub-district
  4. Pantai Labu sub-district
  5. Galang sub-district
  6. Pagar Merbau sub-district
  7. Deli Tua sub-district
  8. Gunung Meriah sub-district
  9. STM Hilir sub-district
  10. STM Hulu sub-district
  11. Patumbak sub-district
  12. Namo Rambe sub-district
  13. Kotarih sub-district
  14. Bangun Purba sub-district

Facing the development and the rapidly changing situation in the Globalized Era and Regional Autonomy as well as the policy of Decentralization, particularly health services competition, and facing the demands of the community for the improvement of service quality, the Hospital as the implementer of referral health services is required to make progress both management and policy changes, think or increase the quality and quantity of human resources and medical technology and its management with Integrated Service System.



Being a leading and competitive hospital with national standard facilities in 2019.

  1. To improve and develop the infrastructure and facilities of hospitals according to the needs of services and structuring infrastructure that meets the standards physically and function
  2. To improve human resources ability through education and training so as to obtain skillful, knowledgeable with attitude human resource in order to be able to answer the challenge of service professionalism.
  3. To develop excellent services to improve competitiveness and constantly build and enhance strategic partnerships with stakeholders and partners in a sustainable manner in health services, education, training and research fields.