To be the center of excellent for medical education in developing sciences and professional human resources and community oriented based on the Islamic and Muhammadiyah’s in Indonesia in 2030.


  1. Running education and teaching of medical science which based on competency, Islamic value and Muhammadiyah’s.
  2. Running research and developing science in medical which based on Islamic value and Muhammadiyah’s.
  3. Running continuous community services in medical science which based on Islamic value and Muhammadiyah’s.


  1. Creating smart, creative, innovative, ethical, and student-owned dependent and long-life learner.
  2. Creating professional, competent, dedicated, community oriented, and Islamic concept graduates in line with both standard competence of doctor of Indonesia and standard competence and characteristics of doctor of Muhammadiyah.
  3. Increasing the number of grant and competitive-based research.
  4. Increasing scientific publication either in national or international reputable journal.
  5. Upgrading the number of community service programs to pursue healthy and knowledgeable society.
  6. Creating transparent and accountable management.
  7. Upgrading the prosperity of lecturer and official.
  8. Increasing the quality of human resources.
  9. Upgrading both quantity and quality of clinical education laboratory equipment.
  10. Developing continuous partnership network in medical science both national and international level.
  11. Increasing the quantity and quality of tools and infrastructure for academic affairs.
  12. Building academic atmosphere.