Psychiatric Hospital Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ildrem


Psychiatric Hospital Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ildrem North Sumatra Province is located at Letjend Street. Jamin Ginting Km.10 / Jl. Water Ropes number 21Medan, is the only Government Psychiatric Hospital in North Sumatra Province that has the ability of service classified Type “A” with the nature of its specificity.

With the ability of service that is owned, currently Professor of Psychiatric Hospital Dr. M. Ildrem is also a referral Mental Hospital for other hospitals in North Sumatera Province and for Hospitals – General Hospital in Sumatera Island.

In addition to performing Psychiatric services also provide education that includes: Nursing (D3, D4, S1) and Doctor Education Program (S1 Medical and Specialist Doctor Education Program), in collaboration with health education institutions and Faculty of Medicine in North Sumatra Province.




To be the Best Professional Psychiatric Service Center in Sumatera


  1. To implement a comprehensive and comprehensive integrated Psychiatric service
  2. To develop mental and physical health services based on quality and professionalism
  3. To increase the prevention of psychosocial problems in the community through the network of mental health services.
  4. To carry out integrated and comprehensive education and mental health research To implement good hospital governance


Bhayangkara Hospital


Bhayangkara Hospital Medan was inaugurated on 14 November 1966 by Brimob Regiment V located at Jl.Putri Hijau Medan and in 1972 moved to Jl. KH. Wahid Hasyim No. 1 Medan, Medan Merdeka district with a land area of 5,821 m² and a building area of 4,676,5 m².
Bhayangkara Hospital Medan is better known by the public as Brimob Hospital because it is located at Brimob headquarters, however Bhayangkara Hospital in Medan besides serving the public outside of Polri


To be the best Bhayangkara hospital in Sumatra Year 2028


  1. To improve the quality of yankes & dokpol, professional, modern for members of the Police and public in order to support the task of operational Police.
  2. To achieve accountable and transparent financial management.
  3. To succeed the government health programs by establishing harmonious & rewarding relationships with other partners of private institutions & government agencies
  4. To be a place for education and  training and human resources research